Debbie SandsI founded my company, DJS Consultant Services, 4 years ago. My business serves as a "canine concierge" for dog products, and information, as well as specializing in service animal public access education for businesses and organizations.

During my tenure at Guide Dogs of America, as Director of Public Relations and Development (plus plus!!), I continually witnessed the missteps of the general public interacting, and ensuing confusion, with someone with a service dog. I felt strongly it was time to develop an educational training program to help.

Having now been in the service animal arena for over 20 years, I really enjoy reaching out to the business community to educate and for those not in the service dog world...I'm always on the prowl for great and fun dog products as well as great content for all dog owners.

True fun for me is being a guest speaker and many times I can wrangle a few cute puppies to accompany me.  

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Pictured with me is "Rocco." He is my 8-year-old "career-change" service dog whose job now is to be that "face" that communicates the love I have for dogs.